Part of the role of any good business adviser is to help make connections for people. If a client needs expertise that Roxburgh Milkins does not offer then we try to put them in touch with someone who does.

 We’re lucky because we know plenty of excellent people and organisations able to provide all kinds of help … other lawyers, organisations offering support to businesses of all sizes, finance providers, people who can find you a property or build you a bit of software. 

The more established the business the more likely it is to have an existing network of people it can turn to for advice.  But a young business or entrepreneur is much less likely to have this network. This is why we are very enthusiastic about Business Navigator, a powerful new tool which has been launched in Bristol and Bath.

 Business Navigator is a free online service which helps businesses to find support and resources.  It’s the first service of its type to go live anywhere in the UK and is backed by the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership.

 Business Navigator is run by Martin Coulthard and Christian Annelsey, both very well known in Bristol. Martin is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded, grown and sold two companies. He was also director of the Bath & Bristol Enterprise Network.  Christian was founder editor of South West Business Insider. 

 With the local know-how, contacts and commitment to the project of Martin and Christian, we think that Business Navigator will be able to provide entrepreneurs with a valuable insight into the support available to them.

 Martin adds: “We are extending our offer all the time, finding support organisations that are worth entrepreneurs knowing about, and would love to hear from anyone with insight into organisations we should add or functionality they’d like to see. In the meantime, anyone interested can keep track of Business Navigator through social media and by signing up to our newsletter on the homepage.”

 The site regularly aggregates more than 100 local events a month taking place across more than 50 listed business-support organisations. Business Navigator is also on Twitter and has a LinkedIn Group.