Company directors are legally obliged to comply with certain administrative, disclosure and filing requirements.  If they fail to do so then they are potentially exposing themselves and their companies to liability and increasing the risk of disputes occurring.

We regularly come across companies who have failed to meet these requirements and, in the long run, it can cause complication and result in additional costs.

How we can help

We will help make sure that your house is in order by keeping your company’s statutory records up-to-date and filing relevant returns with Companies House.  We can also prepare the necessary paperwork for routine corporate actions such as issuing or transferring shares or appointing new directors.  By us looking after these routine tasks means that you will have more time to focus on running your business safe in the knowledge that these key pieces of compliance are being met.

How we work

All work will be carried by an experienced professional, it is not outsourced to a separate company secretarial department or firm. This ensures that administration is done with care and means that the person who looks after your statutory books can also give you advice. This enables us to give a more comprehensive and joined up service.

Our Services

For a fixed fee we can:

  • hold and maintain statutory registers in electronic format
  • issue reminders for important dates
  • prepare and file annual returns and other fillings at Companies House
  • issue share certificates
  • act as company secretary
  • maintain PROOF registration
  • prepare documents to carry out simple corporate actions (such as the issue and transfer of shares, the appointment and resignation of officers)
  • ensure that you have a dedicated contact on hand to answer queries.

For an additional fee we are also happy for you to use our office as your registered office.


You can find out more by emailing us or calling us on +44 (0)117 928 1910