Intellectual Property Audit

Analysis of all the intellectual property (IP) used within the business.

Review to:

  • ensure all IP is protected as well as it can be via registration or terms and conditions
  • ensure you have all necessary rights and consents to use all third party IP used within the business
  • ensure all the IP is held in the right part of the business.

E-commerce Audit

If you operate a website that is providing goods and services either as an e-commerce store or as an online community, there are many regulations and laws that will apply.

With this audit we check your compliance with all of these issues and will advise on any action that needs to be taken.

Data Protection Audit/IT Security

Businesses should take data protection and related IT Security issues seriously, particularly as the Information Commissioner’s Officer’s enforcement powers have been increased.

We will review all of your data processing and data security and help you review or create compliant policies for data processing.


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