Ambitious businesses split their time between thinking about what’s going on right now and what’s coming next, which is just as it should be.  While the here and now needs attention, it’d be unwise not to plan further ahead. 

We know from working with businesses at all stages of development how important it is to have an eye on future developments.  Securing investment or preparing for an eventual sale may seem a long way off, but time passes quickly.  Businesses which understand what buyers and investors are looking for immediately put themselves in a stronger position.  Those which don’t may find themselves playing catch-up, spending more time and money than they need to.  

How we can help

For so many of our clients, this is uncharted territory.  Luckily we’ve worked with enough growing businesses, buyers and investors to know exactly what’s on each group’s agenda.  So we can help you to build the information you need, and this information can be held securely until you’re ready to use it. 

Our service

For a fixed fee we will meet you, talk through your ambitions and explain what information and data you need to gather. Furthermore, we can schedule review meetings to check in with you periodically and make sure you’re gathering the right information as you go. 

As a supplement to our advice and guidance, we can also set up an online data room which is tailored to your business. This will give you several advantages including:

  • Providing an easy and secure way for you to input data 
  • Organising and accessing a breadth of important information (on financials, insurance, share options, business structure, tax and commercial relationships – and a whole host of other areas)
  • Allowing you to collaborate with colleagues and others to add to and refine the information you’ve assembled.

By working with you over the long term we will develop a deeper understanding of your business and aspirations and be able to give joined up advice it will also allow us to work with you to identify areas where you may need additional support and, where appropriate, recommend others from within our network to help.


You can find out more by emailing us or calling us on +44 (0)117 928 1910