Data protection has always been important for businesses but the arrival of the more exacting General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will result in most businesses having to review and change a lot of their activities and policies relating to what they do with data.

The GDPR is European law - a regulation - that will automatically apply in the UK when it comes into force in May 2018. Even when the UK leaves the EU, the UK Government has already confirmed that the GDPR will be adopted into UK law. So businesses will need to comply with it.

Our track record 

We advise our clients on the current law - helping them to put in place privacy policies for collection of data, along with internal policies to ensure compliance with data protection laws.

We are also helping clients to get ready for GDPR - by advising on the key changes the law will bring about, auditing current practices and advising on necessary changes. Businesses need to start planning now for the changes required.

Our recent work

We have a lot of tech clients who are constantly having to think about data protection in their everyday activities. We provide all of these with regular updates on GDPR and the changes they need to think about making.

GL Education Group - We are reviewing all of the Group’s activities in order to prepare them for GDPR.

Wood for Trees - We are advising on data processing activities on behalf of their charity clients.

My Life Digital - We are working with this business that is launching an innovative ‘citizen centric’ GDPR compliant data processing platform.

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Craig Hollingworth, Co-founder Concirrus

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