Whether you operate a simple 'brochure' website, an interactive online service, or an e-commerce store, we can help you navigate the ever-growing catalogue of law and regulation which applies to businesses and suppliers on the internet. It is vital to have good terms and procedures in place, not only to comply with the law but to protect your business interests.

Our track record

No two websites are identical. The same applies to the terms which govern those websites, which are dependent on a website’s functions and features, the products and services available, and the client’s own policies and requirements.

We are highly experienced in recognising the pertinent issues for your online offering. A few areas of expertise include:

  • Website terms of use, acceptable use policies, privacy policies and cookie policies.
  • Website terms & conditions for sale for goods and services.
  • Online subscription terms & conditions.
  • Compliance with various internet and consumer regulations such as the Consumer Contracts Regulations.
  • Data Protection and other privacy compliance.

If you already have an e-commerce website or online service, we can audit it to highlight any issues that need to be addressed.

Our approach

When preparing e-commerce terms, no matter what the product or service, our approach is the same – to learn about your business, draw out the key issues, and prepare comprehensive legal terms tailored to your circumstances.

Legal terms are pointless if they do not correspond with the practicalities of your business, or if they are not used properly. That is why we liaise closely with you to make sure the terms reflect your sales and other business processes. It is also why we make sure you understand the meaning and purpose underlying the legal terms and the importance of putting policy into practice.

Our recent work

TRAQ – Website terms and subscription agreement for TRAQ, a brand indexing service.

Sift Media – A suite of website terms and a digital advertising agreement for Sift Media.

Optimus Education – Website terms and subscription agreement for Optimus Education.


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