As part of our technology practice we work on a lot of manufacturing contracts - for example, silicon chips and printed circuit boards as well as general hardware manufacture.

However, we can also translate this expertise into any other industry. We are currently assisting manufacturing clients in the cosmetics, food and drink and water industries. For these clients, we are:

  • Assisting with managing supply chain – we can help to put in place standard purchasing/supply terms and to role these out to suppliers.
  • Assisting with customer contracts – these often have to deal with complex issues such as patent licensing, intellectual property/branding.
  • Putting in place trial/sample production contracts.
  • Helping to negotiate delivery terms/timetables/liquidated damages etc.

Our approach

We are currently working with a manufacturing client to organise all of its contractual arrangements. We have built new purchasing terms that are being rolled out to suppliers. We are also building new customer contracts that are fairly drafted – so that the customer and our client both get appropriate protections.

We have spent a lot of time with the senior management, the client account managers and the sales team to work up these new contracts and to train the client how to use the contracts and their importance to the business.

Our recent work

Mule Bar – Assisting energy bar business with branding and manufacturing contracts.

Suez – Assisting with patent licensing, joint development and manufacturing agreements.

Pelvic Toner – Assisting with patent licensing and manufacturing agreements.


You can find out more by emailing us or calling us on +44 (0)117 928 1910