Businesses can no longer function without efficient IT systems, meaning IT is a business critical issue. If your business is purchasing IT systems or outsourcing IT functions, you therefore absolutely have to make sure you get it right.

We understand IT contracts well. We know where to make sure you get protection and we know where the pitfalls are. We also know what a service level should look like. Procurement and outsourcing projects often have detailed, complex contracts that have to be negotiated sensibly with the provider so that you get the protection you need without spoiling a new business relationship before it's started.


Our approach

We combine our legal expertise with experience – enabling us to only raise the important points that need raising. We don't argue points for the sake of it – we take a reasonable approach and, in doing so, get the result you need without winding up the supplier.

Our recent work

Bristol Water Plc - we advised Bristol Water on the £10million outsourcing of its entire IT function.

Pinnacle Regeneration Group – we advised PRG on the outsourcing of it IT infrastructure to a managed cloud environment.

Curtis Banks Plc – advised on the outsourcing of various IT systems.


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