We have always worked with software clients and have seen many developments in the industry. It makes us sound old but we worked with some of the first internet companies. We worked with the first legal music download site and lots of darlings (a couple of which are even still going). We've seen the development of websites, mobile apps and the move from traditional software provision to SaaS and cloud deployments. We know and understand the contracts that need to be in place to make these solutions work.

Our track record

We work with a lot of SaaS providers, such as Gordano, Paxport, MoneyHub and GL Assessment. We regularly advise and assist in the preparation of a range of contracts dealing with the following:

  • Software development, transfer and licensing.
  • Hosting agreements
  • Website development.
  • Service delivery and service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Software as a service/subscription agreements.
  • Software distribution and reseller (including value added reseller) agreements.
  • Software support and maintenance.
  • Open source software.

Our recent work

Paxport - Assisting Paxport in reviewing and updating its suite of contracts for suppliers, distributors and customers.

Gordano - Assisting Gordano with its supplier licences with the likes of Microsoft, and customer licences.

Exabre, Peak-Ryzex and others – Drafting various SaaS customer contracts, based on subscription models.

"A creative risk-taking business like ours needs lawyers who are quick on their feet, positive in outlook, and genuinely engaged by the process of generating and developing ideas. In Roxburgh Milkins, that's exactly what we've found." 

Miles Bullough, MD Wildseed Studios

You can find out more by emailing us or calling us on +44 (0)117 928 1910