At home with innovation

Based in Bristol, we're at the heart of a region that has become a dynamic hub for leading edge technology and media businesses. And, over the years, we've established Roxburgh Milkins as a highly rated supporting actor in that thriving local scene.

Our client portfolio is heavily weighted towards digital and emerging technology. But what all our clients in this area have in common is that they are innovators; pushing boundaries in their own fields, and highly receptive to fresh ideas and new ways of doing business.     

Above all, what they need from their lawyers is the ability to understand their idea, and quickly grasp its commercial potential. Partner Ian Grimley has been identified by Legal 500 as a "first class lawyer" and is heavily engaged in supporting emerging tech businesses. 

Keeping your business secure

As data protection and IT security becomes increasingly important, we can advise you on the latest developments and help put structures and policies in place, to keep you compliant with GDPR and other regulations.

Not just lawyers, but fans

That's a real strength of ours at Roxburgh Milkins. We're big fans of technology, and the brilliant people behind it; genuinely enthusiastic about, and engaged by, this brave new digital universe we now inhabit. 

We're well up to speed on all the important market trends, and technological developments - which means we can see where an innovative new idea fits into the bigger picture.

Our understanding = your advantage

And we're always happy to take the time to immerse ourselves in the incredible technology our clients bring to us; not least because when it comes to negotiating rights, the lawyer who really understands the IP in question has a huge advantage.

If that sounds like the kind of lawyer you want on your side, let's talk soon.

"A creative risk-taking business like ours needs lawyers who are quick on their feet, positive in outlook, and genuinely engaged by the process of generating and developing ideas. In Roxburgh Milkins, that's exactly what we've found." 

Miles Bullough, MD Wildseed Studios

You can find out more by emailing us or calling us on +44 (0)117 928 1910