Clearer about what our clients want

Lawyers with empathy? Well, that's one way of putting it. Genuinely client-focused is another.

From the outset, we've thought hard about what clients really want and need from a commercial law firm and to find new and better ways of delivering that.

More muscle less flab

Most full service commercial law firms are strong in some areas and less so in others. Even when they are playing to their strengths, there may be times when your business will be passed to someone you have had no hand in choosing.

Not at Roxburgh Milkins. Our business model depends on us being excellent in our three specialist areas - corporate transactions, commercial agreements and technology and intellectual property, where we can offer you acknowledged expertise, with one or more of our partners playing a hands-on role in every project.

Lighter on our feet, lower on our overheads

We are a low overhead firm. So, we really can take a different approach to the financial side of our relationship with clients.

That's best reflected in the fact that, unlike most law firms, we don't have billing targets. And without that pressure to rack up chargeable hours, we can stay focused on what our clients need from us and really add value - rather than on what we might be able to sell them.

Investing more in relationships

You can rely on us to be tough, when that's in your interests, but seasoned and mature enough not to derail or endanger a good deal.

When the pressure is on and the success of the transaction is hanging in the balance, we remain focused on getting everyone across the line.

Better network stronger team

What happens when you need advice that falls outside our areas of expertise? Again, our specialist focus works to your advantage.

Over the last 15 years, we've built up a tried and tested network of trusted lawyers and other professionals; enabling us to put together hand-picked teams ideally suited to the demands of a particular project, ensuring the right client fit.  

"Roxburgh Milkins were the natural choice, perceptive, have a good understanding and respect for organic growth, transparent and with an eye for detail.  They are personable, responsive and we enjoy an open and honest working relationship that has developed a mutual trust." 

Rob Dargue, Finance Director, GL Assessment

You can find out more by emailing us or calling us on +44 (0)117 928 1910