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The Client: Actuation Lab

Actuation Lab is rethinking key elements of industrial hardware, such as actuators and valves, which are used to control and deliver the flow of liquids and gasses in industrial processes.

These pieces of hardware have remained fundamentally unchanged for decades, and in some cases, centuries. Actuation Lab is developing its first two products to rid the world’s pipework of these energy sapping, high maintenance, outdated devices, with a key focus on enabling the safe and sustainable supply of hydrogen to help meet net-Zero targets.


How we’ve helped:

Actuation Lab is another QTEC and SetSquared incubator member that we’ve been able to help since it was a start-up.

They are a brilliant example of the type of business that comes out of these incubators – developing products that will genuinely be game-changing. As a result, they are getting a lot of interest from significant companies and individuals in oil and gas and other industries.

In the company’s early years, we’ve been able to help them raise funding for further growth and R&D. We’ve also helped them with grant agreements.

Working closely with CEO Simon and his team, we’ve given them the pragmatic advice they’ve needed to achieve their goals cost-effectively.


Investment work

The company has raised investment from Deepbridge Capital, business angels and most recently from Evenlode Impact, Zero Carbon Capital and Kero Group. The diverse range of investors reflects the potential of Actuation Lab and its ability to make a meaningful contribution to the Net Zero agenda.  Roxburgh Milkins has advised the company on all of its investment rounds.     


Commercial work

We have recently helped the company with agreements relating to its £3m R&D contract from the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero to progress a novel gas valve, designed to enable leak-free hydrogen flow control.

This project will see Actuation Lab advance the commercial readiness of their proprietary Dragonfly Valve.



What they say about us

"We've worked with Charles van der Lande and Ian Grimley at Roxburgh Milkins since 2021. They have helped us through the daunting processes of spinning out of the university, closing 2 funding rounds and getting important contracts in place so we can do what we do. Their style is straight talking and supportive. They also do a great job at helping us understand what the future may hold so we can prepare for it."

Simon Bates, 

CEO, Actuation Lab


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