Growing scale-ups

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Targeted advice, delivered on budget

There are a lot of law firms and online services who have offerings for ambitious scale-up businesses. But we firmly believe our approach can do more to help you take your business to the next level.

Why? Very briefly, it’s because we take a more focused approach. Since the early 2000s dot-com boom, our partners have specialised in working with scale-up businesses – not just guiding them through the legal complexities of growing a business, but actively supporting them in achieving their business plans.

We’re experienced, so understand the issues and make sure you avoid the bear-traps.

Understanding goals

It’s essential that early-stage legal work is done properly – small mistakes at the start can lead to a lot of pain later on. It’s also important that founders have a thorough understanding of their long-term goals and how they want to achieve them. For example, whilst VC funding can help accelerate growth, there will be strings attached that will have continued implications for the founders and the business.

Keeping to budget

So good legal advice and guidance is required at a stage when the business has the least budget for it. This can tempt companies into taking more ‘off-the-shelf’ and fixed-fee advice that may prove to be an expensive shortcut.

We solve this problem by investing time - ensuring we fully understand the business and the long-term goals of the founders. This allows us to work out what advice is required, when it is most needed and how we can tailor a solution specifically to the client and its budget. This also means we can give accurate budgets, so that there are no surprises on fees.

Unlike some other solutions, you’ll also get a fully engaged, real-life lawyer who will be at the end of a phone and can help with negotiations. Whilst our solution will not be the cheapest available, we believe the time we invest makes the value incomparable.

When scale happens

Our firm is based on long-term relationships. We invest time in early-stage investments to help companies grow and raise more money. The later rounds of investment require bigger legal budgets but we apply the same principles and ways of working to those rounds as we do to the early ones. This combined with our history with the company means we can continue to provide cost-effective advice.

Some of the firms we have helped over many years are:

You can find out more by emailing us or calling +44 (0) 117 928 1910

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