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  1. Article - Increasing the value of your SaaS business with robust ARR

    Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) is a key metric for SaaS businesses. If you're a SaaS business which is getting ready for sale, one of the jobs at the top of your list should be an ARR health-check. In this article we hav… Continue reading

  2. Article - Negotiating Contracts quickly and properly

    Negotiating contracts can be a frustrating experience. You send your contract to the other
    side, and they return it with deleted clauses, amended clauses, new wording and a raft of
    tracked changes.… Continue reading

  3. Clause-by-Clause Guide #1 – Definitions

    From our January 2024 newsletter, this is the first in a series of updates about contract clauses.… Continue reading

  4. Blog - Debunking 3 Contract Myths

    We debunk a few common contract myths that may expose your business to unnecessary contract risk. … Continue reading

  5. Keep at it: Insider 42 under 42 update

    At Roxburgh Milkins, we're very pleased to be sponsoring the South West Business Insider '42 under 42' again. Recently, we had the first roundtable for this year’s new 42 under 42s. It was an excellent group of young lea… Continue reading

  6. Latest Experian report ranks Roxburgh Milkins as top advisors

    Experian recently published their Market IQ report for M&A activity in 2022. The report ranks Roxburgh Milkins among the top legal advisors in the South West by deal volume.… Continue reading

  7. The pitfalls and traps of issuing shares to employees

    We hear plenty of talk from government about the need to stimulate private enterprise, destroy bureaucracy and remove the need for unnecessary paperwork.… Continue reading

  8. Roxburgh Milkins shortlisted as Corporate Law Firm of the Year

    We're delighted to have once again been shortlisted in the 'Corporate Law Firm of the Year' category at the Insider South West Dealmakers awards.… Continue reading

  9. Roxburgh Milkins ranked in top advisors

    In the Experian Market IQ report for M&A activity in 2021, Roxburgh Milkins was ranked among the top five firms in the South West region. … Continue reading

  10. Brexit Countdown - UK vs. EU GDPR

    In the second of our Brexit countdown notes, Carl Spencer-Spear covers some specific examples of when you will need to consider UK vs EU GDPR… Continue reading

  11. Cookie fines for Google and Amazon

    The French ICO (CNIL) has fined Google £91m and Amazon £32m for failing to comply with French data protection law when placing advertising cookies on site visitors’ computers. It said they had not given sufficiently clea… Continue reading

  12. Brexit Countdown - Data Protection Compliance

    Introduction We are fast approaching the end of 2020 and, with it, the end of the Brexit transitional period. The Government has consistently maintained that… Continue reading

  13. Annus horribilis - 5 lessons businesses can learn as we prepare to leave 2020 behind

    As we head into the final weeks of 2020, perhaps we see the faint glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, with several promising… Continue reading

  14. How are businesses managing Covid-19’s impact on supply contracts?

    Quite a bit has happened since I wrote my note on force majeure a few weeks ago. Some of what has happened has made the… Continue reading

  15. National Security and Investment Bill - what you need to know

    17th November 2020 The recent reversal of plans to allow Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei to supply kit for Britain’s 5G mobile phone networks… Continue reading

  16. New rules on transactions involving national security - Do you need to notify?

    The National Security and Investment Act 2021 ("NSI Act") has now been passed and comes into force on 4 January 2022.  The government is in the process of publishing a number of statutory instruments and guidance on cert… Continue reading

  17. The ICO fines BA £20m whilst the travel sector is in a crisis - too harsh?

    BA has been fined £20m by the ICO for a cyber-attack that took place in 2018. Following the incident, hackers were able to gather BA customers’ personal information, including bank details, for two months before the brea… Continue reading

  18. Mergers and Acquisitions after Covid19 - Deferred consideration and warranties

    October 2020 update: When we first published this article, we speculated that there would be changes in behaviour, including cautious drafting of warranties and more deferred considerations. We're seeing this happen and… Continue reading

  19. Will Facebook leave Europe?

    Will Facebook be leaving Europe? Unlikely, I suspect.

    In July, the ECJ accepted a legal challenge to the validity of the EU-US Privacy Shield. Our article here: provides further details on that d… Continue reading

  20. M&A activity on lockdown?

    October 2020 - Six months on from when we first published this article, this is what we're seeing now, including cautious drafting of warranties and more deferred considerations. We predict it will continue into 2021 but… Continue reading

  21. EU-US Privacy Shield Struck Down by EU Courts

    The European Court of Justice has accepted a legal challenge to the validity of the EU-US Privacy Shield, meaning it has been struck down and is no longer a valid mechanism for transferring personal data to the United St… Continue reading

  22. Covid - a fundamental change to M&A?

    Volatility and uncertainty are the watchwords at the moment and these are impacting on the M&A market. But long term, once the economy has adjusted to the impact of the pandemic and some stability returns, what will hap… Continue reading

  23. How Covid-19 is affecting the M&A market: vendor due diligence

    We’ve already explained that buyers are likely to be more exacting when carrying out due diligence on target companies.… Continue reading

  24. Need help with Innovate UK Collaboration Agreements?

    As part of its measures to assist companies affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, the UK Government has recently announced several funding schemes. In addition to a “Future Fund” of £250 million for investment in start-up… Continue reading

  25. How are businesses managing Covid-19's impact on supply contracts?

    Quite a bit has happened since I wrote my note on force majeure a few weeks ago. Some of what has happened has made the whole issue rather academic. Further restrictions on movement and the closing of shops, bars and res… Continue reading

  26. Covid-19 and Data Protection

    COVID-19 is putting a unique strain on businesses and forcing new ways of working, which may have an impact on data protection compliance.… Continue reading

  27. Is Covid-19 a force majeure event?

    Last week was an odd week. It was also a week which saw more questions on force majeure (English translation “superior force”) than I’ve had to answer in my entire career so far.

    This is one of those rare occasions wher… Continue reading

  28. UK Not Expected to Implement EU Copyright Directive

    The UK Government’s Universities and Science Minister has stated that, as a result of Brexit, the UK will not implement the EU Copyright Directive, which was due to be implemented by 7 June 2021.… Continue reading

  29. Sheet Plant Association presentation

    View Jason Milkins' presentation… Continue reading

  30. September 2019 Commercial Law Round-Up

    A few commercial news highlights from September, including a court ruling on the extent of the 'right to be forgotten', a warning about the use of email signatures, and new right to repair rules.… Continue reading

  31. Loose Lips Sink Ships - Importance of NDAs

    Information and ideas can be the cornerstone to the success of a business. Discussing ideas is sometimes risky and, in certain circumstances, loose lips sink ships. However, remaining tight lipped can hamper development… Continue reading

  32. Intellectual Property: Keeping Hold of Your Most Valuable Asset

    Intellectual property (IP) is an important asset for any business and, for some, will be the foundation on which the business is built. Develop designs or content for clients? Build software or applications? Analyse or i… Continue reading

  33. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - a 12-month retrospective

    In advance of 25 May 2018 - the effective date of the GDPR - there was a startling amount of speculation and misinformation about how things would change once it came into force.… Continue reading

  34. Five reasons to consider an open-source software audit

    If you’re a software developer or service provider, chances are you are using some open-source software. “Open-source” software is licensed under a group of licences that give licensees full access to the software and it… Continue reading

  35. Guidance published on data protection implications of ‘no deal’ Brexit

    The Government has published guidance on how the UK’s data protection law will work in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.… Continue reading

  36. Morrisons Pays the Price for Employee Data Leak

    A landmark legal decision has determined that Morrisons is responsible for a data leak, in which the personal details of around 100,000 of its employees were exposed by a disgruntled member of staff.… Continue reading

  37. GDPR - A 10-point checklist

    September 25th marked four months since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - the biggest overhaul of data protection law in a decade - came into effect.… Continue reading

  38. 5 Minute Catch-Up: ICO fines Equifax £500,000 for data protection failings

    In May and June 2017, credit rating agency Equifax fell victim to cyber-attacks which reportedly affected 146 million customers globally, including 15 million UK citizens.… Continue reading

  39. Being asked to give an indemnity? 5 things to think about

    Indemnities come in all shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, an indemnity is a promise to make good another’s loss which has either occurred because liability has arisen under the contract (for example there has been a… Continue reading

  40. Latest Copyright Changes On Hold For Now

    Copyright law has been in the spotlight over the past few months, as musicians such as Paul McCartney, Annie Lennox and David Guetta - as well as other rights holders - clashed with free internet campaigners.… Continue reading

  41. All you need to know about the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica story

    $35 billion shaved off Facebook’s value: Cambridge Analytica being investigated by the ICO.… Continue reading

  42. Monumental Cluck Up - Why Disaster Recovery Plans Can Be Crucial

    A chicken restaurant without chicken. It’s not ideal” were the words printed on an ad that was released by the chain restaurant, KFC, in response to its closure of over 600 restaurants across the UK.… Continue reading

  43. When creative and legal work together

    Glynn Hayward is a creative guy with some great ideas (BAFTA award winning, in fact). From dreaming up brilliant kids games ideas in his kitchen, to building a successful business with 18 staff hasn't been a quick transi… Continue reading

  44. Apple and the 14-day cancellation right

    Apple has been in the news recently, following an update to its iTunes and App Store terms of use. The Guardian and other media outlets, have reported on a change to its terms for EU countries, which allows customers to… Continue reading

  45. Debunking 6 Contract Myths

    Virtually all businesses will enter into all sorts of commercial arrangements and money-making ventures on a day to day basis but too often fail to consider the underlying contractual implications.… Continue reading

  46. Case Comment - The “Right to be Forgotten”

    In a case that triggered a mass media storm, the European Court of Justice recently ruled that a Spanish man had the “right to be forgotten” in online searches.… Continue reading

  47. Quick Guide to Intellectual Property Rights Act 2014

    The Intellectual Property Rights Act 2014 received Royal Assent on 14 May 2014 and is due to come into effect in October. The Act will modernise certain aspects of intellectual property (IP) law and assist those seeking… Continue reading

  48. New copyright exceptions on the way

    Parliament is currently scrutinising a set of 5 regulations which, if approved, will introduce new and amended exceptions to copyright protection into UK law from 1 June 2014.… Continue reading

  49. Contract Negotiations

    A number of our clients have benefited recently from our help in negotiating with the following household name companies:… Continue reading

  50. Web Browsing does not Infringe Copyright

    The European Court of Justice has decided that internet browsing which involves viewing copyrighted content does not require the copyright holder’s permission and is not copyright infringement.… Continue reading

  51. New Consumer Regulations: Are Your Contracts Compliant?

    On Friday 13 June 2014, new consumer regulations come into force in the UK, affecting businesses which sell goods or services to consumers (meaning individuals not buying in the course of business).… Continue reading

  52. A simple way to help prepare a software business for sale or investment

    If your business creates any software or code, chances are it’s quite technical.… Continue reading

  53. Legal focus: taking the pain out of due diligence

    A version of this article first appeared on AccountingWeb and can be found here (you will need to register to view this on AccountingWeb) … Continue reading

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