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  1. How are businesses managing Covid-19’s impact on supply contracts?

    Quite a bit has happened since I wrote my note on force majeure a few weeks ago. Some of what has happened has made the… Continue reading

  2. National Security and Investment Bill - what you need to know

    17th November 2020 The recent reversal of plans to allow Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei to supply kit for Britain’s 5G mobile phone networks… Continue reading

  3. New rules on transactions involving national security - Do you need to notify?

    The National Security and Investment Act 2021 ("NSI Act") has now been passed and comes into force on 4 January 2022.  The government is in the process of publishing a number of statutory instruments and guidance on cert… Continue reading

  4. Is Covid-19 a force majeure event?

    Last week was an odd week. It was also a week which saw more questions on force majeure (English translation “superior force”) than I’ve had to answer in my entire career so far.

    This is one of those rare occasions wher… Continue reading

  5. Being asked to give an indemnity? 5 things to think about

    Indemnities come in all shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, an indemnity is a promise to make good another’s loss which has either occurred because liability has arisen under the contract (for example there has been a… Continue reading

  6. When creative and legal work together

    Glynn Hayward is a creative guy with some great ideas (BAFTA award winning, in fact). From dreaming up brilliant kids games ideas in his kitchen, to building a successful business with 18 staff hasn't been a quick transi… Continue reading

  7. Apple and the 14-day cancellation right

    Apple has been in the news recently, following an update to its iTunes and App Store terms of use. The Guardian and other media outlets, have reported on a change to its terms for EU countries, which allows customers to… Continue reading

  8. Debunking 6 Contract Myths

    Virtually all businesses will enter into all sorts of commercial arrangements and money-making ventures on a day to day basis but too often fail to consider the underlying contractual implications.… Continue reading

  9. Contract Negotiations

    A number of our clients have benefited recently from our help in negotiating with the following household name companies:… Continue reading

  10. New Consumer Regulations: Are Your Contracts Compliant?

    On Friday 13 June 2014, new consumer regulations come into force in the UK, affecting businesses which sell goods or services to consumers (meaning individuals not buying in the course of business).… Continue reading

  11. What to do when contract negotiations go bad…

    When helping out clients with contracts recently, I’ve had a few comments along the following lines from the other side:… Continue reading

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